Channeled Messages: How Past Lives Might Effect Us Today

This is a channeled message on how past lives might effect us today.   -Beginning of channeled message- Understand that the soul remembers everything. Understand that you have lived many lives before the one you are currently experiencing. This lifetime is like a chapter in a much larger book. Understand that many experiences from past … More Channeled Messages: How Past Lives Might Effect Us Today

Mental Mediumship Vs. Physical Mediumship

What is the difference between mental mediumship and physical mediumship? Mental mediumship is when the medium is the translator for the spirit. The medium will use their four clairs (clairvoyance,¬†claircognizant, clairsentience and clairaudience) to communicate with spirit and relay the messages to the client. This is how most people do mediumship, such as the Long … More Mental Mediumship Vs. Physical Mediumship

Channeling Music

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I am a singer/songwriter! Channeling music has been something I have been doing for about ten years now. I sing and write country music and recorded an album in Nashville last year. Art, music and writing are just other ways of channeling. It … More Channeling Music