Meditation: Mandalas

Mandalas are a meditation tool to gain knowledge from within and to become one with the universe. The word “Mandala” means circle and they originate with Hindus and Buddhists. They represent the universe and wholeness and symbolize the idea that life is never ending. How to use: Select a mandala that appeals to you, you … More Meditation: Mandalas

Angel Light Colours

People have been known to  see “angel lights” or orbs of light. Usually they are quick flashes, like a camera bulb or sparkles. They are usually either white or silvery or have a colour. The white lights are from our guardian angels and the coloured ones are from the archangels. Here is a list to … More Angel Light Colours

Channeled Messages: “What Happens When You Die?”

I asked the angels what happens when you die and this is what they had to say! -Beginning of channeled message- As humans are comprised, in the most basic terms, of a body and a soul. When born, the body and soul meet and work in conjunction together, but still acknowledge that they are separate. … More Channeled Messages: “What Happens When You Die?”