Sample Email Angel Reading

This is an example of how I do the email angel readings. So if your unsure of what to expect, now you have a better idea!

I did two general questions with the answers relating to me. So the content of your reading will relate to you!  To book an email reading, click here

Q: How can I have my dreams come true?

-Beginning of channeled message-

By believing in them. We feel that most people have a sort of wishful thinking. That certain things would “nice” to have or do, but rarely do they believe such things are possible. Doubt causes resistance, which ultimately slows down the process. We feel that as fear creeps in the whole process shuts down. For you cannot move forwards if there are obstacles obstructing your path. We feel that clearly communicating your desire to the universe and then letting it go, is the best course of action. Once you let it go, notice any inspirations that come to you and act on them as quickly as you are able. If unable to act on them immediately, write them down and act on them when you feel that inspiration again. Ideas and inspiration are manifestations and just as valid as a physical manifestation. We feel that force is a useless endeavor, for force against another force causes it to become stagnant. When you want something, it only takes the lightest of force to set it into action. The universe is always working with you, for you are part of it. You are never alone in your workings.

-End of channeled message-

Q: Which angels or spirits are with me?

-Beginning of channeled message-

Archangel Azreal, as well you see archangel Michael often. We are all with you at one time or another. You have 3 guardian angels that work the closest with you. You ask for protection a lot, therefore archangel Michael is around you a lot. Your ancestors are keeping a watch. Certain spirits are taking care of certain matters in your life. Triads, or things work in 3’s for you, which is why when you are stressed you feel it necessary to do things in 3’s. Numbers hold certain frequency’s. The number 3 is perfection. Keep in mind that there are an uncountable number of entities around all the time. For we are only in a separate dimension or frequency, time and space do not exist for us. Therefore we can seem to be in many places at once.

-End of channeled message-


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