Channeled Messages: “Dealing with negativity”

Dealing with negativity -Beginning of channeled message- In this universe positivity is the greatest power. It is a force that is stronger than negative. Sometimes you are told to always stay positive. We feel that this statement is in itself, correct, but not necessarily practical. For you live in a world where there is negative … More Channeled Messages: “Dealing with negativity”

Channeled Messages: “How do you (angels) effect our lives?”

How do you (angels) effect our lives? -Beginning of channeled message- We offer protection, we offer guidance, we offer healing. As well as many others, more than any human brain could possibly process. We work behind the scenes, so to speak, and offer what we feel and you feel is necessary at that moment. You … More Channeled Messages: “How do you (angels) effect our lives?”

Channeled Messages: “What Are Angels?”

What are angels? -Beginning of channeled message- We are eternal beings who watch over this dimension from another dimension. We are pure positive energy. We represent what you call “God” as we are part of that energy. We offer guidance and assistance at all times for every being. We must follow contractual agreements that you … More Channeled Messages: “What Are Angels?”